Upcoming Presentations

  • Apr 17

    Climate Change: What does it mean to every Chinese people?

    Date:  04/17/2018 11:02 PM EDT
    Location: Shanghai, Shanghai 200240 China
    It is an almost unquestionable fact that Chinese people generally have little knowledge in climate change and its related issues. This fact is more frustrating if we take a look at the situation in university studen...
  • Sep 3

    How we as a school and community can make a difference

    Date:  09/03/2018 08:00 AM PDT
    Location: Glendale , CA 91201 United States
    I am a member of the PTA board and an advocate for reducing single use plastics in my school and district.
    I have proposed to the board that we request the school food services director for Glendlae Unified school Distric...
  • Oct 1

    Climate reality presentation in France please!!!

    Date:  10/01/2018 12:00 AM CEST
    Location: Toulouse, Toulouse 31200 France
    Hello, I've checked the program of presentations planned in Europe for the coming months and could not find any presentation in France.
    How can we organize this? Are there any representatives or ambassadors of the Cli...