Part 1of4 Raising Climate Change Awareness in the Mid-Southern Appalachian Mountains; What Can I expect? What Can I do to Help My Changing Mountains? 56939
Part 1of4 Raising Climate Change Awareness in the Mid-Southern Appalachian Mountains; What Can I expect? What Can I do to Help My Changing Mountains?
Climate Change is a Reality! If you are like me, you love the Appalachian Mountains, the areas of the Appalachian Highlands and surrounding regions, including the world renowned Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway! That commonality we all share; that deep seated love for our mountains and forests, for all the life and beauty they gift us with, is in need of our attentiveness. The mountains and forests are calling us! We must give back to them! We need to raise our consciousness awareness and that of others including our national and community leaders, to the real effects of climate change. Current conditions and predicted changes. All of those things we enjoy during our outdoor recreational journeys, hiking, cycling, water-sports, bird-watching, fishing, hunting and the like can be changed in ways we would most certainly miss if we don't pay attention, raise our awareness, understand the cause and The solutions that enable us to take action now! Our own health and our recreational enjoyment and economy depends on the interconnection of the health of the Appalachian and Global environment and our Planet Earth. Not just the mountains and magnificent landscapes but the lifestyles and vacations of the people who love, live in an around and visit these beautiful prized areas. Our mountains and forest, flora and fauna, our air and waterways, need your advocacy. Join me for the first in a series of presentations designed to raise your awareness of the effects, and impacts. Many of which can already be seen by anyone in observance with conscious awareness and attentiveness accompanied with the knowledge to put it all together. Humanity has a spiritual interconnection to the environment that certainly is not just about us and our lives, but the lives and quality of life that we will leave for the children and grandkids and their generations to follow! It’s time for humanity to step up to the plate and serve with good stewardship to the Planet! This presentation will help you to begin to raise your awareness of the crisis underway and introduce you to how you can be an advocate and take action for the mountains and forests, and the people who live in, around and visit the Appalachians and share a deep love for this sacred space!

You must pre-register by RSVP, scroll down or look to the right, on this event page, for each part of the 4 part series event in order to attend! You will then be sent an email invitation with the necessary sign on information.

The goal of this four part series is to raise your awareness of the Climate Reality Crisis and actions that can be taken by you and shared with your connections address this crisis and minimize its adverse effects on our lives and the world around us. Each session builds on the prior session and participants should participate in each session in order to get the most out of the sessions and engagement activities. All presentations are currently scheduled to be held on Zoom.

1.5 hrs. In Part 1: The presentation introduces you to the Global Climate Reality Crisis upon us, how humans are causing this catastrophe and accelerating the crisis, and we touch on what can be done by you to help resolve this crisis now. Part one is the knowledge foundation that leads to the following three sessions of the series. Participants should have completed that session before engaging in the following sessions; as Parts II, III and IV will actively engage the participant in discussions and activities that will require the level of awareness that Part I provides. If you would like to participate in Session II, III, and IV of the series and have not yet attended part 1, we are expecting a recorded session to be available soon. Please contact us by email listed below.

Part II will deep dive into evidence on a local scale and engage your observation. Part III of the IV Part Series is a deep dive into the current and expected impacts specific to the Mid-Southern Appalachian Region of the Appalachian Mountains. Participants will engage in thought provoking discussions and activities that allow them to engage collaboratively with other participants and utilize the awareness raised from the foundational presentation in part I and the in depth dive into the science and evidence in Part II of the series.

In Part IV, the final series session, we will take a deep dive into the solutions and actions that our neighbors are undertaking to meet the crisis head on and address its impacts. The participants will engage in thoughtful discussion and collaborative actions that they can and are taking inside their communities and circles to address the Climate Reality Crisis.

UPCOMING: Plans are in the works to repeat this Appalachian series several times throughout the year, with updates as needed, so stay tuned.

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Wednesday September 15th, 2021 4:30pm EDT
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Wednesday September 15th, 2021 6:00pm EDT
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Start Date & Time: 09/15/2021 04:30:00 PM EDT

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