How is Climate Change Effects on California? 49912
How is Climate Change Effects on California?
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Community/Court High School students started unit on Climate Change/Chemistry/Botany integrated lesson. We are using the Truth to Power book for a text. We will also watch both documentaries, as well as others to understand real time changes, do a research project, and find local ways to influence change.

I would like a speaker for a Friday from 1:20 to 2:40 to talk on topics that can discuss Climate Change from the perspective of the students, both present and future effects. How they can witness these effects in real time and why they should be concerned. Then what they can do to change the course of the future.

Since this is a community/court classroom, the students cannot be filmed.
Start Date & Time
Friday March 6th, 2020 12:37pm EST
End Date & Time
Friday March 27th, 2020 12:37pm EDT
Name of Venue
Gateway Community Court School, San Mateo County Office of Education
35 Tower Road
Room 104
San Mateo, CA 94402
United States
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Private Presentation
Host Name
Debra Sheldon
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Host Organization
Gateway Community/Court High School Students
What do you hope to achieve with this presentation?
Awareness of the problem and empowerment of their participation in solutions.
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Start Date & Time: 03/06/2020 12:37:00 PM EST

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