Science of Climate Change 60318
Science of Climate Change
Good afternoon,

My name is Chris Schmidt-Watt, a grade 6/7 educator in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I am enquiring about your presentations that provide an opportunity for students to learn about the science of climate change, the solutions available, and a message of hope. I have heard your
volunteers have received intensive training to talk about climate change in simple terms and are qualified to answer questions.
Start Date & Time
Wednesday November 10th, 2021 4:27pm CST
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Friday November 26th, 2021 1:00pm CST
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Brevoort Park School
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan s7h3k4
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Start Date & Time: 11/10/2021 04:27:00 PM CST

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As we approach the 15-year anniversary of the creation of The Climate Reality Project, we have a lot to be grateful for – especially you all! If it weren't for our incredible network of volunteers, we would not have made it this far. However, as you know, there is a lot more work to be done in the effort to combat the climate crisis. That is why we have created a list of 15 Acts of Leadership you can take right now to increase your impact in solving this crisis, and to honor 15 years of Climate Reality. We encourage you to take at least a few of the acts listed below. However, the more, the merrier! You can only log one Act of Leadership at a time, so we ask that if you've completed multiple Acts of Leadership from the list below, you log them each individually, so we can accurately track your Acts of Leadership.

IMPORTANT: Below the list of Acts of Leadership are links to help you access pages that are referenced in the Acts of Leadership options.