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Playing our Part in Solving the Climate Crisis

Grace Smith of Cape Town, South Africa is inviting you to join her presentation on Sunday 11th October at 16h00 SAST, which is being offered in conjunction with 24 Hours of Activism initiated by Climate Reality.

In June of this year she participated in the 9 day training offered by Climate Reality which taught her the background skills and knowledge which gave her the important information that is needed to spread the word about the relationship between carbon emissions and climate change!   During this training she met an international  group of participants of all ages, who are motivated to play their part in saving our planet from irreversible climatic damage and ultimate destruction

The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that major behavioural changes are possible for human beings, when we are sufficiently motivated.  The emergence of Covid-19 demonstrated our capacity for adaptation.   As this virus poses an immediate threat to our life, we are not able to ignore the signs .   We are called on to make major disciplinary measures to contain the virus from spreading throughout the population. The immediate shut down of some vital business activities impacted the comfort levels of much of the world's population.   Because the danger of carrying on as normal is understood, there was compliance with the lock-down regulations imposed by government.

Scientists have been telling us for at least 50 years about the dangers of our current habits of over consumption.  Most of us have ignored their warnings, or given them too little attention. Our present habitual lifestyle fosters a slow, but irreversible degradation of the living conditions on this planet. Because these changes are happening so gradually, they are not immediately apparent to the average person..  Insufficient action is being taken by the man in the street to reduce his level of consumption which is essential if the health of the planet is to be protected.

The present pandemic offers an opportunity to restart the economy with a view to long term resilience. Herein lies the chance for each and every one of us to think about the part we can play in reaching this essential goal. Each person, old or young, rich or poor, black, brown or white, and irrespective of  level of education, needs to decide what he or she will do personally, to reduce the waste produced by their current lifestyle.

This is our final chance to act if our planet is not to suffer from irreversable damage to its natural resources of air and water.    We all need to reduce our personal carbon footprint. It is the duty of those who understand the severity of the problems to advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle. Educate the public on the need to reduce carbon emissions, farmers to change to natural methods of fertilisation, and citizens to refrain from further pollution of the earth and its oceans. We need to find technological solutions which will save our planet from depletion.

The time is now. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to become aware of the role we can play to promote conditions which result in the health of the environment.  We need to co-create the conditions which will push back on the continuous climate devastation of recent years 

You are invited to attend my presentation and learn about how we can work together for the health of the planet, our children and our grandchildren.  Come and learn about your opportunity to play your part in an international endeavor to save our planet from destruction.

And, take a look at my website to share my introspection around our current lifestyle at

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Sunday October 11th, 2020 4:00pm SAST
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Sunday October 11th, 2020 5:00pm SAST
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84 Woodside Village
Norton Way
Cape Town, Western Cape 7700
South Africa
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Grace Smith
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I will invite my contacts from my website, the University of the Third Age, Family and Friends
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Start Date & Time: 10/11/2020 04:00:00 PM SAST

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