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24 Hours of Reality: Let's Get Real

Will you commit today to join us for a global day of action  on October 29? 

For years, we’ve heard scientists sound the alarm on climate. And for years, we’ve watched world leaders politely nod their heads – and fail to act. 

This year is different. 

This year, with our window to prevent disastrous warming closing by the day and leaders heading to the UN’s COP 26 climate conference in November, we’re speaking up with a global day of action on October 29 demanding real action on climate.   

No more empty promises without action plans. No more half-baked carbon offsets that keep fossil fuels going. Real action. Starting right now.  

Will you commit today to join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps for  24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real,  a  global day of action,  on October 29?  

Real action at COP 26 and beyond means: 

  1. Concrete plans for actual and immediate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. 

  1. A just transition from coal and gas to clean energy. 

  1. Financial support for developing economies from wealthy, polluting nations. 

How can you participate on October 29?  

As part of 24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real, we’ll share numerous ways you can help push our leaders to take real action on climate, both on October 29 and beyond. Together, we can make this a turning point in our fight to stop global warming and create a truly equitable and sustainable future for all of us.

As a Climate Reality Leader, you have a critical role in spreading the word to your followers and in your community. You can lead by example and inspire your friends, family members, colleagues, and more to join you in taking action on October 29 and together pushing our leaders to act at this critical time. Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Before October 29, share informative posts about the day of action, and link to with the hashtag #LetsGetReal.

  1. Let your friends and followers know you’ll be joining in the call for real action – and actively encourage them to take part too.

  1. Record a short video, ideally 30 seconds or less, talking about the importance of REAL ACTION – and why we need it now.

  1. On October 29, post your video calling for REAL ACTION using the hashtag #LetsGetReal. Climate Reality can also help with talking points or tips.

  1. Finally, check on October 29 for information on how to take other actions targeted specifically to your region of the world.   

Commit to joining us today!

Thank you for everything that you do. Let’s get to work!




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