Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Climate Reality presentation?

A Climate Reality presentation is delivered by a Climate Reality Leader who has been trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to talk about the climate crisis and its solutions. At a presentation, you’ll learn about the local and global effects of climate change, as well as what you and your group can do to help create a better future for the planet. 
Presentations vary in content depending on the region and the needs of the audience. Generally, the presentation includes some information about climate science, evidence of a changing climate, and updated information about impacts currently being felt both locally and globally. The presentations also highlight the solutions that are already underway, including advancements in renewable energy, smart climate policy, and others. Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the audience, so please indicate in your presentation request form if you have specific preferences for the presenter.
Climate Reality Leaders are trained with the skills and knowledge to deliver to a range of audiences, though they may specialize in different areas of expertise and communities of interest. When you request a presentation, you can indicate what you know about your audience and any preferences you have for the content of the presentation. This information will be used to help Climate Reality Leaders identify the presentations they’re best qualified to deliver when they claim presentation requests.

How do I attend or request a presentation?

To request a public presentation, you’ll first need to create a public account on Reality Hub. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to log-in at any time and select the “Attend a Presentation” option. From there, you can identify any presentations already scheduled in your area, or select the “Request a Presentation” option, which will take you to the presentation request form.
Once you’ve submitted your request, you’ll receive a confirmation email. As soon as a Climate Reality Leader has claimed your request, they’ll contact you directly through email to coordinate the presentation event.

Why do I need to set up an account?

We’ll send your request to Climate Reality Leaders in your area, and your account allows us to track your request and ensure that it is shared widely with our network.

How much does a presentation cost?

Climate Reality presentations are entirely free of charge, but we do ask that you provide a venue, time, and audio/visual equipment for presenters to use while sharing their slideshow. Audio/visual equipment will probably include, at minimum, a projector and screen, but the Climate Reality Leader who claims your request can confirm for you if anything else is needed.

How will I know if my presentation request has been claimed by a Climate Reality Leader?

Once a Climate Reality Leader accepts your request, they’ll contact you at the email you list when you fill out the presentation request form.

I want a local expert! How can I make sure my presenter is from my area?

Great news! Once you submit a presentation request, the information is sent out to Climate Reality Leaders in your area. They’ll review the information, and if they’re available during the day and time you indicate, they’ll then claim the request and get in touch with you at the email address you indicate on the form.

How much time do presentations generally take?

Climate Reality Leaders can customize the presentation to the amount of time available, so we ask that you indicate the time when you request the presentation. Generally, presentations vary between 30 minutes and two hours, and the amount of content a presenter can cover will be proportional to the time allotted.

What types of presentations are available?

Climate Reality Leaders have experience presenting to a wide array of audiences, including youth, non-native English speakers, college students, community organizations, and faith groups. If you would like a more specific type of presentation (more interactive, tabling, keynote speaker, etc.), please specify this in your request description. The fulfillment of these requests is dependent on the specialties and availability of Climate Reality Leaders in your area.

How far in advance do I need to request a presentation?

Please request your presentation no later than three weeks in advance of your event date to ensure there is enough time for a local Climate Reality Leader to schedule and plan for your event. Our presenters are all volunteers and many of them balance full-time careers and other demands with this work, so we ask that you are considerate of their time.

What information should I have before requesting a presentation?

Before you request a presentation:
  • Locate an appropriate venue for the presentation. This could be your office, a local library or community center, a classroom, place of worship, park, or conference hall. Keep in mind that Climate Reality presentations must be free for participants and Climate Reality Leaders do not receive funding for presentations, so it’s best to find a free venue.
  • Know what equipment you can make available. Requestors are generally expected to provide a projector and screen for the presenter to use while speaking, but once your presentation request is claimed, you should plan on coordinating with your presenter to see if they have other equipment needs.
  • Identify the presentation audience. It might be a few coworkers or hundreds of students. Determine if this presentation is open to the public or invite-only, as this is information you’ll include in your presentation request.
  • Have a date and time for your event. The more notice you provide, the better chance a local Climate Reality Leader will be able to deliver your presentation. If you are flexible on the timing of your presentation, you’ll have the option to provide a range of dates.
The presentation request form will prompt you for the following required information:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Date & Time
  • Address
  • Host Name and Email (that’s you!)
  • Audience Type
  • Estimated Audience Size
  • Will this be a private or public presentation?
Once your presentation request is claimed by a Climate Reality Leader, they will reach out to the email you provided on the form to confirm any changes or additional information.

What will the presenter take care of before the presentation?

Once a Climate Reality Leader has determined they can fulfill your presentation request, they’ll reach out to coordinate with you to confirm the logistics of the event. They will ensure they are available at the day and time you agree upon for the presentation, and will work to make sure their presentation is appropriate for your audience. They’ll also review any specific requests you have for the presentation and answer questions you might have about the presentation’s content.

What if I don’t have a specific date in mind yet?

If you’re able to be flexible, please indicate this when you’re filling out your presentation request form by selecting a range of dates and highlighting the days that would work best for you in the presentation description.

What if I don’t have a specific venue yet?

Presentation requestors (that's you!) are expected to provide an audience, a day and time, a venue, and the audio/visual equipment* needed for the presenter to share their slideshow.
If you do not have a venue already in mind, consider any location where your audience normally congregates. Any community center, church, classroom, or other location where your group currently meets could make a great venue. You could also reach out to community centers or other organizations in your area to see if they have space you can book for your event. Lastly, if your group is small, you could consider hosting the presentation in your own home or business.
*Audio/visual equipment will probably include, at minimum, a projector and screen, but the Climate Reality Leader who claims your request can confirm for you if anything else is needed.

What will my presenter contact me about?

After a Climate Reality Leader claims your presentation request, they’ll reach out to the email you provided on the form to confirm any further details. Things you may discuss include:
  • How long the presentation will last.
  • If the presentation should have a specific topic or focus. Climate Reality presentation offers a general overview of the science and solutions surrounding the climate crisis. Remember, Climate Reality Leaders are volunteer presenters who are equipped to spread the word about the climate crisis and have individual specialties, areas of interest, and levels of expertise.
  • The logistical details, like audio/visual equipment, attire, venue, and room size. Hosts are responsible for securing any audio/visual technology.
If the date, time, or location of your presentation changes, communicate that to the Climate Reality Leader as soon as possible. The more notice that your presenter has about any changes, the better chance they’ll still be able to deliver your presentation.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a presentation?

No need to worry. Please communicate the new information to the Climate Reality Leader who has accepted the request so they can update the information on the site. If your request has not been claimed yet, please email and we will be happy to assist you.

What can I do to promote my presentation event?

After your request is claimed by a Climate Reality Leader, you can share the presentation details page on social media and/or via email. This link is included in the confirmation email you receive after your presentation is claimed. Alternatively, you can view your upcoming presentations when logged into Reality Hub by clicking the “Presentation Status” button in the top right corner. You’ll be taken to a page with the list of presentations you’re hosting or attending, and can share out the links available there.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to us at